Reprobio attends the 19th International Congress on Animal Reproduction (ICAR 2020+2)

Asinelli tower at Bologna’s city center.

After being postponed twice because of the pandemics, our group finally attended the International Congress on Animal Reproduction (ICAR) in the beautiful city of Bologna (Italy). We were thrilled to meet old friends in this first presential meeting, share knowledge and presenting our last research.

The meeting took […]

Survey of the Gochu Asturcelta autochthonous breed germplasm bank, new publication

A Gochu Asturcelta sow, showing features of this valuable local breed.

We have just published an article in the journal Animals, on a Special Issue on pig reproduction, on the cryopreserved semen of the Gochu Asturcelta autochthonous breed. This study has been coordinated by Dr. Néstor Caamaño and resulted from a collaboration of SERIDA […]

Avoiding the use of antibiotics in pig reproduction by using the Porcicoll™ colloid, new publication

Correlations heatmap and cladogram for the bacterial species found in the samples.

Large-volume Porcicoll™ preparation.

We have collaborated with Dr. Jane Morrell at SLU (Sweden) on a study testing the suitability of the Porcicoll™ colloid developed at her lab for removing bacteria from pig semen. This study has merited a publication in Theriogenology.

We focused on scaling up the density centrifugation technique on a low-density colloid […]