Reprobio attends the 19th International Congress on Animal Reproduction (ICAR 2020+2)

Asinelli tower at Bologna’s city center.

After being postponed twice because of the pandemics, our group finally attended the International Congress on Animal Reproduction (ICAR) in the beautiful city of Bologna (Italy). We were thrilled to meet old friends in this first presential meeting, share knowledge and presenting our last research.

The meeting took […]

Participamos en las Terceras Jornadas de la Red PIVEV

El 13 y 14 de junio, Estela Fernández y el Dr. Felipe Martínez participaron en las Terceras Jornadas de la Red de excelencia sobre producción in vitro de embriones de animales de interés veterinario (PIVEV). Esta red ha puesto en contacto a diez grupos de investigación españoles trabajando en distintos aspectos de la reproducción animal, […]

Participation in the XVIII Congress for Animal Production

Amer with some of our colleagues from Zaragoza. Good work organizing this excellent meeting!

Our PhD candidate Mr. Amer Salman has travelled to the great city of Zaragoza in Eastern Spain to participate in the XVIII Congress for Animal Production. We have participated in the Reproduction section with the communication:

Salman A, Caamaño JN, […]

Yes, we’ve attended the Intl’ Spermatology meeting!

Last May 2018 we attended the XIII International Spermatology Meeting in Stockholm, Sweden. We contributed with three communications, two of them being presented as oral communications:


Pérez-Rosales M, Crespo-Félez I, Arija MC, Gonzales-Montaña J, Salman A, Martín B, Alonso P, and Martínez-Pastor F. Static oxidation-reduction potencial in fresh, extended and refrigerated dog semen. XIIIth […]

Participation in the SEBD-SEBC-SEG Joint Congress

The Spanish Society of Cell Biology (SEBC) celebrated its bianual scientific meeting jointly with the Spanish Societies of Developmental Biology (SEBD) and Genetics (SEG), in Gijón. Estela Fernández and Felipe Martínez attended the meeting, contributing with the poster:

Fernández-Alegre E, Herrero-González A, Rey S, Casao A, and Martinez-Pastor F. Presence of melatonin synthesis enzymes in […]