Participation in the 2nd CZU Prague hybrid seminar

Dr. Felipe Martínez has participated in the 2nd CZU Prague hybrid seminar (Animal reproduction, sperm cryopreservation, and analysis: an international experience), celebrated at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (Czech Republic). Drs. Filipp Savvudili and Martin Ptáček invited us. to deliver a talk on some frontline biotechnologies related to animal reproduction. With the title […]

Survey of the Gochu Asturcelta autochthonous breed germplasm bank, new publication

A Gochu Asturcelta sow, showing features of this valuable local breed.

We have just published an article in the journal Animals, on a Special Issue on pig reproduction, on the cryopreserved semen of the Gochu Asturcelta autochthonous breed. This study has been coordinated by Dr. Néstor Caamaño and resulted from a collaboration of SERIDA […]

Avoiding the use of antibiotics in pig reproduction by using the Porcicoll™ colloid, new publication

Correlations heatmap and cladogram for the bacterial species found in the samples.

Large-volume Porcicoll™ preparation.

We have collaborated with Dr. Jane Morrell at SLU (Sweden) on a study testing the suitability of the Porcicoll™ colloid developed at her lab for removing bacteria from pig semen. This study has merited a publication in Theriogenology.

We focused on scaling up the density centrifugation technique on a low-density colloid […]