Attendance to the 20th Annual Conference of the European Society for Domestic Animal Reproduction (ESDAR) and 13th Conference of the Spanish Association for Animal Reproduction (AERA)

We are just back from the ESDAR/AERA joint meeting in Lisbon, Portugal. The group contributed with 7 posters, most of them in collaboration with other research groups or private companies from Extremadura, León, Madrid or Zaragoza. The abstracts have been published in the Supplement 1 of Volume 52 of the Reproduction in Domestic Animals journal:


AI-Vets and ESDAR meetings in Bulgaria

We were invited to deliver a talk at the AI-vets meeting (Albena, Bulgaria) about the importance of sperm chromatin assessment in boar AI centres. We also attended the subsequent European Society for Domestic Animals Reproduction meeting (ESDAR), where we presented two oral communications and six posters. These communications showed not only our research, but also […]

Attendance to the annual meeting of the European Society for Domestic Animals Reproduction (ESDAR)

This time in Helsinki! We have attended the 18th Annual ESDAR Conference. Other excellent opportunity to make contacts and learn about current research on animal reproduction.

We presented five posters showing our latest results, mainly by master and undergraduate students:

Alonso-Molero, J. , Mata-Campuzano, M. , Álvarez-Rodríguez, M. , Llorens-Méndez, J. , Fuertes, N. , […]

Another congress: European Society for Animal Reproduction (ESDAR)

We have attended the 2012 ESDAR meeting, in Dublin (Ireland). It has been a great opportunity to meet colleagues and learn about the latest trends in animal reproductive science. We contributed with five posters:

Mata-Campuzano, M, Ordás, L, Cartón-García, F, De Paz, P, Robles, V, Druart, X, Martínez-Pastor, F. Refrigeration of ram semen in presence […]

Participation in 15th ESDAR meeting

We have participated in the last ESDAR (European Society for Domestic Animal Reproduction) meeting, in Antalya, Turkey. We have presented seven communications as posters. In this meeting we have made many contacts with other groups, sharing ideas and novel research.

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