Evaluation of metals (as oligoelements or contaminants) in semen and other tissues from domestic ruminants

A set of interdisciplinary lines carried out together with Dr. González-Montaña (Dep. of Veterinary Medical Sciences) and other groups in Spain. These lines are focused on evaluating the presence of metal elements in the semen and other tissues of ruminants in several areas of the Iberian Peninsula. We are interested in the role of these metals, both as oligoelements (defficiency or excess), or as contaminants (e.g., heavy metals in mining or industrialized areas), their relation in animal tissues with abundance in soil or plants and their effects on animal health. I am contributing by assessing the reproductive health of the animals, especially focusing on males and sperm quality. I have an especial interest in associating metal presence in the semen with sperm parameters. I am also interested in using semen (fresh and from cryobanks) as a biomarker, associating its presence in semen doses with abundance in other tissues and in the grazing area.