ASEBIR meeting, San Sebastián (Spain)

We are just back from the ASEBIR meeting (Association for the Study of Biology of Reproduction), hold at the Kursaal Centre in San Sebastián/Donostia. The meeting has been really thorough, with sections about andrology, embryology, the oocyte, cryopreservation, AI centre management, etc. With more than 400 attendants and dozens of communications, this meeting has been a thorough success, and we have to compliment the organizers.

Of course, we have really enjoyed the city! (considered as one of the best touristic places in the world). The social (and gastronomical) aspects of the meeting were also excellent!

We contributed with two poster communications to this meeting:

Justel, V, Pardal-Gil, S, Fernández-Alegre, E, Mata-Campuzano, M, Martínez-Pastor, F. Determinación de puentes disulfuro en la cromatina espermática y relación con la fragmentación del ADN y madurez de la cromatina por SCSA. 2015. ASEBIR 20:188.

Gutiérrez-Díaz, Isabel, Pardal-Gil, S., Molinero, N, Mata-Campuzano, M, Martínez-Pastor, F.. Uso de la citometría de flujo para la determinación de aneuploidías en espermatozoides: puesta a punto y validación. 2015. ASEBIR 20:184-5.


AI-Vets and ESDAR meetings in Bulgaria

We were invited to deliver a talk at the AI-vets meeting (Albena, Bulgaria) about the importance of sperm chromatin assessment in boar AI centres. We also attended the subsequent European Society for Domestic Animals Reproduction meeting (ESDAR), where we presented two oral communications and six posters. These communications showed not only our research, but also results from collaborations with groups from the UCLM, Oxford University, Chicago Zoological Society, SLU and Linköping University (Sweden). The studies presented as poster or oral communications covered a wide range of topics on animal reproduction, and the plenary presentations dealt with many subjects, from artificial insemination to epigenetics.

Here are the presentations and posters:

Martínez-Pastor, F. Sperm chromatin integrity – Application for boar semen analysis. Proceedings of the AI-Vets meeting.

Tejero, J., Alegre, B., Gómez, C., Martínez-Pastor, F., González, J. R., Alonso, M. E., Domínguez, J. C. 2015. Echographic follow-up of the corpus luteum in dairy cows is useful for early pregnancy diagnostic after artificial insemination. Reprod Domest Anim 50 Suppl. 3:80.

Sánchez-Paniagua, D., Fernández-Gago, R., Mata-Campuzano, M., Alegre, B., Alonso, M., Domínguez, J. C., Martínez Pastor, F. 2015. Chromatin compaction, but not DNA fragmentation, is affected by the breed in refrigerated storage of boar semen. Reprod Domest Anim 50 Suppl. 3:39.

Martínez-Pastor, F., Pardal-Gil, S., Justel, V., González, J. R., Domínguez, J. C., González-Urdiales, R. 2015. Validation of a method for quick concentration assessment of boar semen using flow cytometry. Reprod Domest Anim 50 Suppl. 3:66.

Jiménez-Rabadán, P., Pérez-Guzmán, M. D., Garde, J. J., García-Alvarez, O., Maroto-Morales, A., Soler, A. J., Fernández-Santos, M. R., Martínez-Pastor, F., Ramón, M. 2015. Genetic components for semen traits in dairy ewes. Reprod Domest Anim 50 Suppl. 3:58.

González-González, L., Vega-Carbajal, C., Mata-Campuzano, M., Álvarez-Rodriguez, M., Martínez Pastor, F. 2015. Real-time qPCR for the assessment of DNA damage and telomere length in ram spermatozoa cryopreserved in presence of antioxidants. Reprod Domest Anim 50 Suppl. 3:40.

García-Alvarez, O., Maroto-Morales, A., Iniesta-Cuerda, M., Ramón, M., Jiménez-Rabadán, P., Martínez Pastor, F., Fernández-Santos, M. R., Garde, J., Soler, A. J. 2015.
Effect of high concentration of membrane permeable and nonpermeable cryoprotectans in vitrification media on ram sperm quality.
Reprod Domest Anim 50 Suppl. 3:54.

Crespo-Félez, I., Castañeda, A., Mata-Campuzano, M., Morrell, J. M., Martínez-Pastor, F. 2015. Testing the single-layer centrifugation colloid Androcoll to recover high quality spermatozoa from cryopreserved ram semen. Reprod Domest Anim 50 Suppl. 3:48.

Conde-Gómez, R., Malo, A. F., Alaks, G., Lacy, R. C., Martínez Pastor, F. 2015. Different breeding strategies affect sperm morphometry in Peromyscus leucopus. Reprod Domest Anim 50 Suppl. 3

Participation in the XIV Congress of the SEBC

Dr. Felipe Martínez-Pastor

Dr. Felipe Martínez-Pastor with the poster.

Dr. Martínez-Pastor attended the XIV Congress of the Spanish Society for Cell Biology, held in Seville from June 29th to July 1st. We have listened to some of the top cell biology researchers in Spain and to several invited foreign researchers. It has been an excellent opportunity to pick up new ideas and techniques for future work.

We presented a poster in the meeting, showing our first results in the melatonin line:

A Ledesma, E Fernández-Alegre, A Casao, J Guizzo, F Martínez-Pastor. MT1 and MT2 melatonin receptors colocalise in the neck of bull and red deer spermatozoa.

In this poster we showed, for the first time, the distribution of MT1 and MT2 receptors in the membrane of bull and deer spermatozoa. We expect to obtain more enticing results very soon.

AIDA meeting 2015

Our group has attended the 2015 AIDA meeting (Interprofessional Association for Agrarian Development), in Zaragossa (Spain). We have contributed to this interesting meeting with two oral communications, presented by the Masters students Itxaso Crespo and Sergio Pardal:

Pardal, S. , Crespo-Félez, I. , Mata-Campuzano, M. , Martínez-Pastor, F. , Arregui, L. (2015).
Análisis de la cromatina en espermatozoides de Bufo calamita. ITEA (XVI Jornadas sobre Producción Animal) 2:384-386.
Crespo-Félez, I. , Pardal, S. , Mata-Campuzano, M. , Castañeda, A. , Morrell, J. , Martínez-Pastor, F. (2015). Evaluación del coloide Androcoll para seleccionar espermatozoides descongelados de ciervo. ITEA (XVI Jornadas sobre Producción Animal) 2:370-372.

Alba Ledesma (U. de Mar de Plata, Argentina), Itxaso Crespo, Sergio Pardal and Felipe Martínez.

BBQ day!

A nice evening by the countryside with most of the team. The end of the academic year is coming!

Brazilian student João Guizzo made a wonderful bbq chef for us.