Reportaje sobre el INDEGSAL en el Diario de León

En el Diario de León del 29 de abril han incluido un especial sobre veterinaria, y aparece un reportaje a toda página del INDEGSAL. Entre otras cosas, mencionan el trabajo que estamos realizando en reproducción y la patente que hemos obtenido recientemente.

Attendance to the 20th Annual Conference of the European Society for Domestic Animal Reproduction (ESDAR) and 13th Conference of the Spanish Association for Animal Reproduction (AERA)

We are just back from the ESDAR/AERA joint meeting in Lisbon, Portugal. The group contributed with 7 posters, most of them in collaboration with other research groups or private companies from Extremadura, León, Madrid or Zaragoza. The abstracts have been published in the Supplement 1 of Volume 52 of the Reproduction in Domestic Animals journal:

M. García-García, S. González-Hidalgo, F. Fernández-Alegre, J. A. Cebrián-Pérez, A. Casao, F. Martínez Pastor. Localization of melatonin synthesis and degradation enzymes on testicular parenchyma of bull and red deer. Reprod Domest Anim 2016;52 Suppl. 2:94.

C. Gómez, B. Alegre, F. Martínez-Pastor, J. Prieto, J. R. González, M. E. Alonso, J. C. Domínguez. Evolution of the corpus luteum volume and its relation to the plasmatic progesterone concentration after artificial insemination in pregnant and non-pregnant dairy cows. Reprod Domest Anim 2016;52 Suppl. 2:95.

A. Ledesma, E. Fernández-Alegre, A. Cesari, F. Hozbor, F. Martínez-Pastor. Interacting seminal plasma proteins revert capacitation in ram sperm. Reprod Domest Anim 2016;52 Suppl. 2:107.

S. Macedo, L. González-Fernández, F. Martínez-Pastor, A. Rocha, B. Macías-García. Study of advanced DNA fragmentation parameters in fertile and infertile stallions. Reprod Domest Anim 2016;52 Suppl. 2:112.
F. Martínez-Pastor, E. Fernández-Alegre, M. Mata-Campuzano, L. Arregui. Male and sampling me effects on sperm chromatin of Bufo calamita. Reprod Domest Anim 2016;52 Suppl. 2:115.

E. del Olmo, F. Martínez-Pastor, M. Iniesta-Cuerda, O. García-Alvarez, A. Maroto-Morales, J. Garde, A. Soler, M. R. Fernández-Santos. Red deer sperm volume determinated by electronic estimation is related to sperm velocity. Reprod Domest Anim 2016;52 Suppl. 2:125.

A. Pérez-Llamazares, J. R. González, B. González, F. Martínez Pastor. Reproductive performance of males from several falcon species at a raptor farm in Spain. Reprod Domest Anim 2016;52 Suppl. 2:130

It has been great to meet so many colleagues in the beautiful city of Lisbon!

Convocatoria de ayudas predoctorales MINECO

El MINECO abrirá el plazo para solicitar ayudas predoctorales para realizar una tesis doctoral. Si te interesa y quieres realizar una tesis doctoral en un tema relacionado con la biología de la reproducción, contacta con nosotros.

Para más información:

Información de la convocatoria en el portal de I+D+i del MINECO

Texto de la convocatoria en el BOE

Reprobio in the Camino! (Way of St. James in Navarre, Spain)

Because solitude and meditation are the way to better experimental design and refined analysis!

Dr. Martínez-Pastor in the way from Puente La Reina to Estella (Navarre)

Dr. Martínez-Pastor in the way from Puente La Reina to Estella (Navarre)

Contributions to the International Congress on Animal Reproduction

Last June, we attended the 18th International Congress on Animal Reproduction (ICAR). This meeting congregated researchers and practicioners on animal reproduction all around the world, with sessions and workshops from the 26th to the 30th June. It was a wonderful ocassion to present some of our newest findings, discuss them with renowed experts and meet colleagues and friends.

The congress took place in Tours, a beautiful city in the Loire Valley.

We contributed with four poster communications:

Balmori-Roiz, T A, Fernández-Alegre, E, Casao, A, Cebrián-Pérez, J A, Martínez-Pastor, F. The localization of melatonin receptors MT1 and MT2 on the bull sperm membrane changes after incubation in capacitating and non-capacitating conditions.

del Olmo, E, Urbano, M, Martínez-Pastor, F, Iniesta-Cuerda, M, García-Alvarez, O, Maroto-Morales, A, Soler, A J, Johannisson, A, Morrell, J M, Garde, J J, Fernández-Santos, M R. Estrous sheep serum reduces spermatozoa mitochondrial ROS production during in vitro procedures.

Justel, V, Gutiérrez-Díaz, I, Fernández-Alegre, E, Alonso, M E, Fernández-Rodríguez, V, Rodríguez-Gutiérrez, P, Johannisson, A, Morrell, J M, Martínez-Pastor, F. Abundance of disulphide bridges in the head of bull spermatozoa is related to male fertility and SCSA variables.

Castañeda, A, Crespo-Félez, I, Fernández-Alegre, E, González, R, Domínguez, J C, Morrell, J M, Martínez-Pastor, F. Effect of Single Layer Centrifugation (SLC) with different proportions of Androcoll-P (70%, 80% and 90%) in the recovery and quality of cryopreserved boar semen.

Already looking for the 2020 meeting in Bologna!