Cold-shock test as method for selecting boar ejaculates with better seminal plasma for post-thawing supplementation: New publication

We carried out a study for testing if seminal plasma (SP) from different boars could affect sperm quality of frozen-thawed semen depending on the boar in collaboration with Topigs-Norsvin study center (León). This study obtained a publication in Animals (

The study was performed to verify the effect of adding SP on post-thaw sperm […]

In vitro capacitation using bicarbonate elicits an increase in the relative abundance of mRNA transcripts of almost all studied Ca2+ channels: New publication

We have collaborated with Dr. Heriberto Rodríguez-Martínez and Dr. Manuel Álvarez-Rodríguez at Linköping University (Sweden) on a study checking changes in the relative abundance of mRNA transcripts of some calcium channels before and after in vitro capacitation triggered by bicarbonate, in boar sperm. Our PhD, Estíbaliz Lacalle, stayed at their lab doing some experiments about […]

Survey of the Gochu Asturcelta autochthonous breed germplasm bank, new publication

A Gochu Asturcelta sow, showing features of this valuable local breed.

We have just published an article in the journal Animals, on a Special Issue on pig reproduction, on the cryopreserved semen of the Gochu Asturcelta autochthonous breed. This study has been coordinated by Dr. Néstor Caamaño and resulted from a collaboration of SERIDA […]

Postdoc opportunity at University of León, Reprobio, María Zambrano grants

The Spanish Ministry of Universities has launched a new line of grants for postdocs for carrying 1-3 years stays at Spanish Universities (press note; official publication This is an excellent opportunity for continuing your research career in our group, if you have a postdoc experience of at least 24 months.

We are now […]

Tesis doctoral sobre antioxidantes en semen

La semana pasada, el Dr. Felipe Martínez asistió como Presidente de Tribunal a la tesis doctoral de D.ª Francisca Sánchez, del grupo SaBio del IREC/UCLM. La tesis se tituló “Estrategia antioxidante para la protección espermática frente al estrés oxidativo”, y la defendió brillantemente el día 16 de abril.

Ha sido una satisfacción asistir a esta […]