Researcher position in Biology of the Spermatozoon

Our Group is opening a researcher position in the project “Phasing out antibiotics in semen extenders with natural antimicrobials from agrifood byproducts” (Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, MICINN). The project’s objective is the substitution of antibiotics in animal reproduction (bull and pig sperm preservation) by using natural plant extracts, focusing on their antimicrobial properties and modulatory effects on sperm physiology.

The position includes a research contract for 33 months starting on January 2024. It includes entering a Ph.D. program to attain a degree during the completion of the project.

  • The activities in the project and Ph.D. program include:
  • Acquire basic training in sperm work, including computer-assisted sperm analysis (CASA), morphology analysis, preparation of semen doses, and sperm cryopreservation.
  • Acquire advanced training in sperm functionality and physiology analysis by flow cytometry, sperm chromatin analysis, and sperm metabolism evaluation.
  • Participate in our lab’s contact network, including top research labs in spermatology, highly innovating cattle and pig industry companies, and our spin-off Bianor Biotech. Carry out stays with collaborators in Spain and abroad, including the project’s collaborators at the University of Bologna (Italy).
  • Carry out your research within the objectives and research lines of the project, initially under the supervision of the group senior researchers, eventually with growing independence (including supervision of students and other lab members).

The specific requirements for the position are:

  • To hold a degree enabling access to the doctorate (MECES 3) before October 2023 (BSc. in Veterinary or BSc. and MSc. in Biology, Biotechnology, or related fields).
    Strong motivation for developing a research career, expecting to achieve an international postdoc or professorship.
  • The group will favorably consider the following skills (verifiable):
  • MSc. in biology of reproduction.
  • Practical experience in cell biology techniques.
  • Skills in biostatistics and data analysis (MSc. level).
  • Skills in communicating research results (MSc. level).
  • Proficiency in English.

Please, use our Contact page for more information. We will greatly appreciate a message of interest with attached CV. Online interviews are to be held by the end of September.




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