Participation in the 2nd CZU Prague hybrid seminar

Dr. Felipe Martínez has participated in the 2nd CZU Prague hybrid seminar (Animal reproduction, sperm cryopreservation, and analysis: an international experience), celebrated at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (Czech Republic). Drs. Filipp Savvudili and Martin Ptáček invited us. to deliver a talk on some frontline biotechnologies related to animal reproduction. With the title “Trends on sperm processing for improving preservation and fertility,” we presented results related to our collaboration with Dr. Morrell in Sweden, sperm thermotaxis and light stimulation experiments by INIA and U. of Girona groups, and the NeoGiANT project (a collaboration of the group’s spin-off Bianor Biotech SL).













This event was held in a mixed presential/online mode in Prague, which enabled the participation of scientists and practitioners from diverse countries, especially from Central and Eastern Europe, Northern and Western Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia. This has allowed us to reach a different audience and increase awareness of our research and especially the H2020 NeoGiANT project on antibiotic replacement in animal science.





















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