Cold-shock test as method for selecting boar ejaculates with better seminal plasma for post-thawing supplementation: New publication

We carried out a study for testing if seminal plasma (SP) from different boars could affect sperm quality of frozen-thawed semen depending on the boar in collaboration with Topigs-Norsvin study center (León). This study obtained a publication in Animals (

The study was performed to verify the effect of adding SP on post-thaw sperm functions. Then, firstly this study evaluated if a simple cold-shock test (CST) could allow to easily identify the most suitable ejaculates for obtaining SP from the higher quality (SPr, cold-shock-resistant) and lower quality (SPs, cold-shock-sensitive) after the CST. Both SP were incubated with frozen/thawed boar sperm, and analyzed at different times, to check the effects respect the control in some sperm quality parameters as motility, viability and chromatin structure.

Our results support a stimulatory role of SP on thawed semen, with additional benefits from SPr. The effect of SP and especially SPr after artificial insemination (AI) should be tested since CST could be a practical test for selecting suitable ejaculates in AI centers.

This study was part of our ongoing research line “Increasing the reproductive efficiency of pig breeding through the application of advanced techniques for sperm chromatin analysis” supported by the Spanish Science and Innovation Ministry (RTI2018-095183-B-I00) and the Education Council of Junta of Castilla y León (LE023P20).

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