Collaboration in the Special Issue “Epigenomics of Livestock Gametes and Embryo Development” in Animals

Dr. Álvarez-Rodríguez and Dr. Felipe Martínez-Pastor have co-edited another Special Issue in the Animals journal on the role of epigenomics on livestock gametes and embryo development. We aim to collect valuable reviews and articles on the topic.

The epigenome has gained attention in recent decades and includes many processes such as chromatin remodeling, histone modifications, DNA methylation, and non-coding RNA. However, there is still a clear gap in knowledge in, among other aspects, the biology, physiology, and mechanism of gametes and embryos and, finally, in the effects of such changes on fertilization and pregnancy.

We hope that part of this new research is soon reflected in this Special Issue.

Manuel Álvarez-RodríguezDr. Martínez-Pastor at ICAR 2022.





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