Special Issue “Melatonin Receptors and Animal Reproduction” in IJMS

ijms-logoDr. Cristina Soriano-Úbeda and Dr. Felipe Martínez-Pastor have co-edited another Special Issue in the IJMS on the role of melatonin in reproduction, especially its receptors. We aim at collecting a valuable set of reviews and articles on the topic.

Melatonin is a fundamental molecule regarding the regulation of reproduction, and it is has many potential roles in this topic. The interest in this molecule and its mode of action has enticed a thriving field affecting animal reproduction (including human medicine). Our own research group was recently involved in a project on this topic, with very exciting results.

We hope that part of this new research is soon reflecting in this Special Issue.

Cristina-650x650Melatonin-3d-CPKFelipe Martínez-Pastor

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