Alternatives to antibiotics on artificial reproduction: New publication

We just had accepted a publication about our research on sperm selection and sperm chromatin. Dr. Morrell from SLU in Uppsala collaborates with us in this research line supported by two granted projects. In this article, “Low density Porcicoll separates spermatozoa from bacteria and retains sperm quality” (OA), we have scaled the Porcicoll SLC-based sperm […]

Convocatoria de contrato postdoctoral en nuestro grupo

Se ha abierto el plazo para solicitar una plaza de investigador postdoctoral en nuestro grupo, para dos años.

Krawetz SA et al. 2009. Molecular aspects of male fertility. International Workshop on Molecular Andrology. EMBO Rep 10:1087-92.

El contrato se enmarca en un proyecto para estudiar la cromatina espermática, técnicas avanzadas enfocadas a […]