Special Issue “Molecular Determinants of Seminal Plasma on Sperm Biology and Fertility” in IJMS

ijms-logoDr. Manuel Álvarez-Rodríguez from LIU/UAB and Dr. Felipe Martínez-Pastor have co-edited a Special Issue in the IJMS on seminal plasma. We have achieved to put together 17 state-of-the-art research articles and reviews on the topic, including aspects related to human medicine, animal breeding, molecular and cellular research.

Our expectation is that this Special Issue contributes effectively to this exciting field, and that the researchers can find it useful as a valuable vault of frontier knowledge.



Manuel Álvarez-RodríguezFelipe Martínez-Pastor Seminal Plasma Induces Overexpression of Genes Associated with Embryo Development and Implantation in Day-6 Porcine Blastocysts


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