ASEBIR meeting, San Sebastián (Spain)

We are just back from the ASEBIR meeting (Association for the Study of Biology of Reproduction), hold at the Kursaal Centre in San Sebastián/Donostia. The meeting has been really thorough, with sections about andrology, embryology, the oocyte, cryopreservation, AI centre management, etc. With more than 400 attendants and dozens of communications, this meeting has been a thorough success, and we have to compliment the organizers.

Of course, we have really enjoyed the city! (considered as one of the best touristic places in the world). The social (and gastronomical) aspects of the meeting were also excellent!

We contributed with two poster communications to this meeting:

Justel, V, Pardal-Gil, S, Fernández-Alegre, E, Mata-Campuzano, M, Martínez-Pastor, F. Determinación de puentes disulfuro en la cromatina espermática y relación con la fragmentación del ADN y madurez de la cromatina por SCSA. 2015. ASEBIR 20:188.

Gutiérrez-Díaz, Isabel, Pardal-Gil, S., Molinero, N, Mata-Campuzano, M, Martínez-Pastor, F.. Uso de la citometría de flujo para la determinación de aneuploidías en espermatozoides: puesta a punto y validación. 2015. ASEBIR 20:184-5.


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