Meeting of the Spanish Cell Biology Society (SEBC)

These days we have attended the biannual meeting of the SEBC. It has been a very stimulant experience, and we have had the opportunity of learning about the last advances in several areas of cellular biology and about many state-of-the-art techniques. We want to thank the organizing committee for this excellent meeting!

Our group has contributed with two posters:

  • M. Mata-Campuzano, L. D. García-Miranda, J. Alonso-Molero, X. Druart, F. Martínez-Pastor. Dynamics of chromatin domains in the sperm nucleus: qPCR analysis of DNA damage in specific sequences during incubation with seminal plasma.
  • J. Alonso-Molero, B. González-Fernández, N. Fuertes, M. Mata-Campuzano, G. Merino, F. Martínez-Pastor. Flow-cytometry assessment of the activity of ATP-binding cassette G2 transporter (ABCG2) in boar spermatozoa.


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