A new publication in collaboration with the Aquaculture, Physiology and Reproduction group (UPV)

An article from a study led by  our colleagues of the Aquaculture, Physiology and Reproduction group (UPV, Valencia) and carried out in collaboration with Dr. Paz Herráez, has been recently accepted by the Aquaculture journal (a prestigious journal in the field of aquaculture and fisheries). Here is the provisional reference:

V. Gallego, F. Martínez-Pastor, I. Mazzeo, D. S. Peñaranda, M. P. Herráez, J. F. Asturiano, L. Pérez. Intracellular changes in Ca2+, K+ and pH after sperm motility activation in European eel (Anguilla anguilla).  2013. Aquaculture.

In this study, the concentration of several cations in the eel spermatozoon were tested after diluting the cells in media prepared to maintain them quiescent or to activate the motility. The flow cytometry techniques were set up in the University of León during a stay of V. Gallego with Dr. Paz Herráez, and part of the experiments were carried out there.

By the way, other papers appearing in several journals during this year (several of them in collaboration with national or foreign groups):

  • M. Alvarez-Rodríguez, M. Alvarez, S. Borragan, F. Martínez-Pastor, W. V. Holt, A. Fazeli, P. de Paz, L. Anel. The addition of heat shock protein HSPA8 to cryoprotective media improves the survival of brown bear (Ursus arctos) spermatozoa during chilling and after cryopreservation. Theriogenology 2013;79:541-50.
  • M. Alvarez-Rodríguez, M. Alvarez, L. Anel-López, C. Martínez-Rodríguez, F. Martínez-Pastor, S. Borragan, L. Anel, P. de Paz. The antioxidant effects of soybean lecithin- or low-density lipoprotein-based extenders for the cryopreservation of brown-bear (Ursus arctos) spermatozoa. Reprod Fertil Dev 2013;25:1185-1193.
  • E. Del Olmo, A. Bisbal, A. Maroto-Morales, O. García-Alvarez, M. Ramon, P. Jimenez-Rabadan, F. Martínez-Pastor, A. J. Soler, J. J. Garde, M. R. Fernandez-Santos. Fertility of cryopreserved ovine semen is determined by sperm velocity. Anim Reprod Sci 2013; in press.
  • R. Fernández-Gago, J. C. Domínguez, F. Martínez-Pastor. Seminal plasma applied post-thawing affects boar sperm physiology: a flow cytometry study. Theriogenology 2013;80:400-10.
  • A. Najafi, M. Zhandi, A. Towhidi, M. Sharafi, A. Akbari Sharif, M. Khodaei Motlagh, F. Martinez-Pastor. Trehalose and glycerol have a dose-dependent synergistic effect on the post-thawing quality of ram semen cryopreserved in a soybean lecithin-based extender. Cryobiology 2013;66:275-82.
  • V. Robles, F. Martínez-Pastor, G. Petroni, M. F. Riesco, A. Bozzano, R. Villanueva. Cryobiology of cephalopod (Illex coindetii) spermatophores. Cryobiology 2013;66:288-94.


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