Participation in the XV Conference on Animal Production


Dr. Felipe Martínez attended to the XV Conference on Animal Production, organized by AIDA (Interprofessional Association for Agricultural Development), held in the Aula Dei campus, near Zaragoza (Spain). This is a very interesting forum, with conferences on many topics, such as genetics, health, management, nutrition and reproduction, and an excellent opportunity for interacting with active research groups from Spain and América.

We participated in the Reproduction sessions with three oral communications:

Mitochondrial status and ROS production after Androcoll selection of thawed ram and red deer sperm. Mata-Campuzano, M., Álvarez-Rodríguez, M., Campillo, I., Palacios-Aguado, A., Fuertes, C., Redondo-Blanco, S., Alonso-Molero, J., Martínez-Pastor, F.

Seasonal changes of quality in the sperm of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) neomales: Chromatin integrity. Fernández-López, C., González-Rojo, S., Robles, V., Martínez-Pastor, F., Herráez, M.P.

Supplementation of thawed boar semen with homologous seminal plasma does not cause a short-term modification of intracellular free radicals. Fernández-Gago, R., Mata-Campuzano, M., Besa, A., Peñacoba, M., Lorenzo, C., Domínguez, J. C., Martínez-Pastor, F.


The full communications will be soon online in AIDA web page. They were published in ITEA, a Spanish scientific journal indexed by databases such as SCI.

Moreover, Dr. Felipe Martínez was invited to act as chairman of two of the sessions on reproduction.

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