International Sheep Veterinary Congress in New Zealand

We have attended the 8th International Sheep Veterinary Congress, in Rotorua (New Zealand). We have presented two posters showing some of our last research results:

  • L. Ordás, M. Mata-Campuzano, M. Álvarez, L. Anel, P. de Paz, F. Martínez-Pastor. Antioxidants Trolox and GSH modify the motility subpopulation pattern of ram semen.
  • J. Alonso-Molero, L. Ordás, M. Mata-Campuzano, M.F. Riesco, D.G. Valcarce, V. Robles, F. Martínez-Pastor. Semi-long qPCR for detecting damage in specific sequences of ram sperm DNA.

In this congress we had the opportunity of sharing our results with researchers and professionals working with sheep and related topics, covering from parasitology to nutrition.

Here are our posters with the presenters, Dr. Martínez Pastor and Ms. Leticia Ordás.

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