Se busca doctorando/Ph. D. candidate wanted

Actualización: la convocatoria ha finalizado.

Update: the application period has expired for this call.

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Estamos buscando candidatos para realizar una tesis doctoral en nuestro grupo, a través de las convocatorias pre-doctorales de la Junta de Castilla y León y del MICINN (4 años). Los posibles solicitantes deben tener el título de licenciado (biología, veterinaria, biotecnología y similares) en octubre de 2009, y no haberlo obtenido antes de enero de 2007. Nota media superior a 2.

Contacta con nosotros para más información (envía tu CV y la nota media de tu expediente).

Aberdeen_ramWe are seeking for candidates wanting to pursue a Ph. D. in our group. Funding will be provided by applying at grant calls by the regional and central government (4-year funding). Applicants may hold a B. Sc. or Masters degree (biology, veterinary and such). The B. Sc. should have been obtained not earlier January 2007 and not later than September 2009. A good CV is required. Warning: if you are not a Spanish resident, you must get your diploma approved by the Spanish Education Ministry, which might take several months.

Contact us for further information (please, attach your CV).

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